A Wilderness Explorer is a Friend to All

finished wilderness explorer costume

… be it plant or fish or tiny mole!

You can probably guess what my Halloween costume was this year. If not then please do yourself a favor and watch Pixar’s UP RIGHT NOW.

I’m really proud about the way everything came out. I was rather lucky with my thrift shop hauls, as well with finding everything else I needed. I think I was especially lucky when I came across the boots and a cheap brown table cloth to use for the sash.

base of costume

Disclaimer: I’m sorry this post will not be much of a “to-do”, but more so a short log of my process, and where to find other great tutorials that I referenced.

wilderness explorer badges

Anyway, I heavily referenced this tutorial here, mostly to figure out how to do the badges. Just like this tutorial I used the little felt furniture pads. Instead of iron-ons I used a regular label sheet. (Find badges here)

ellie badge grape soda

For the Ellie badge, (or the grape soda badge) I used a real bottle cap from a beer that I had bought, and then printed out the grape soda design and put a layer of clear tape on it to make it shiny. I then stuck one of the felt pads on the back of it, then sewed on the safety pin. It turned out much better than I thought!

wilderness explorer costume parts

Anyway, this costume was much more accomplishable than I originally thought. If you consider doing it yourself, just know it can be done in a cheap way, and with minimal crafting skills.

Thanks for reading!


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